Prison Law: Parole Review

Parole reviews are complex and you should contact us to assist you in relation to any proceedings before the Parole Board. Every single parole review starts with a paper review which is considered by a single member of the Parole Board. A dossier containing evidence is considered to decide whether you remain in custody or whether the matter should proceed to an Oral Hearing. The only evidence which will be considered by the Parole Board when this initial decision is made is the dossier of papers, which can include representations on your behalf. This is why is is important that you ask us to help you as we can correct any errors and prepare representations on your behalf when this preliminary decision is made.


At the beginning of the process will receive a notice from the Offender Management Unit that your parole dossier is in being prepared. At this stage you will be asked to name your legal representative. You may provide them with our details and thereafter contact us as soon possible so that we can obtain a copy of the dossier from the prison. Once we receive the dossier we will arrange to visit you to discuss the contents and to prepare legal representations which will be considered by the Parole Board member. We will do what we can to ensure that your case proceeds to the second stage which is an oral hearing, and thereafter represent you at the hearing to improve your chances of a successful outcome.


Legal Aid is available for most cases and you should contact our team to assist you and ensure that you have the best possible chance of a favourable outcome.