Limitation Periods


There are different time limits imposed on individuals wanting to claim personal injury compensation. You should always contact a solicitor quickly to ascertain the time limit applicable to your claim and to ensure that your case is started within specified time limit.

Commonly, the time limit is three years from the date the accident occurred, or the date you were diagnosed.


The limitation period applicable to your case will also be governed by your age at the time of the accident or incident. There are different rules for children and persons under “disability”.


The limitation period could be affected by the country in which your accident takes place or whether your accident occurs at sea or on an aeroplane.


Sometimes, you may not know you have suffered an injury for many years after the relevant accident or incident. This might also affect the limitation period.


If your claim is being brought under a government scheme such as Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (for victims of crimes of violence) or Motor Insurers Bureau (for claims against uninsured drivers or unknown drivers) you will encounter yet further variations to the usual time limit.


The above examples are just some of the common exceptions to the three year limitation period. The rules can be extremely complex and it will be difficult to know which time limits apply to you until further investigations are made. In some cases these limits can be extended depending on the circumstances, so you shouldn’t be deterred from contacting a solicitor.


Your free personal injury consultation with GGP Law will allow us to further investigate whether your case is within the required time limits or subject to any exceptions.