As a long established provider of legal services we at GGP Law recognise that whether you are a business or individual, from time to time, you may become involved in a dispute. We understand that all clients want to achieve a successful outcome, as quickly as possible, at the least cost and with minimal inconvenience. These objectives guide us in our approach to dispute resolution on behalf of our clients.

We are experienced Civil Litigation Lawyers, practically aware and commercially astute, able to devise strategies designed give you an edge over your opponent.  Below is a list of some of the areas where we can assist. This list is not exhaustive. If your dispute does not fall within an area listed below do contact us and we will discuss the matter with you.

Those areas of dispute where we are able to help include:

  • Property disputes.
  • Land disputes (e.g. easements, rights of way, adverse possession) and Boundary disputes.
  • Housing, including Landlord and Tenant, Claims for Possession, Rent arrears and Disrepair claims.
  • Contract disputes
  • Professional Negligence, for example, against professionals such as doctors, dentists, architects, surveyors and lawyers.
  • Inheritance and Wills.
  • Commercial disputes.
  • Building Disputes including Construction and Engineering Disputes.

Why instruct GGP Law

Knowledge and Experience

Nigel Jenkins, Simon Bird and Macsen Williams are experienced lawyers with decades of experience in resolving disputes.

Track record

We have successfully represented hundreds of clients in all manner of disputes and we represent businesses providing us with repeat instructions.

Locality and Convenience

Our offices are all centrally located in Aberdare, Blackwood and Merthyr Tydfil. Where appropriate we travel to our clients home or business premises to take instructions.

Fee arrangements

We are always prepared to discuss fees and funding with clients, exploring legal expenses insurance options and maintaining flexibility in any arrangements for fees and expenses.


At GGP Law we appreciate you want your dispute resolved relatively quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Mediation can take many forms. It can be informal in circumstances where the parties resolve matters amicably following negotiations. Alternatively, it can be more formal, for example, proceeding by way of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

At GGP Law we promote Mediation where it is appropriate so to do.

Proceeding to court is the least attractive option. It is the option of last resort. If it is not possible to resolve your dispute by Mediation (ADR or otherwise) then we will initiate court proceedings when instructed to do so, conducting your case and dealing with all steps up to and including Final Hearing.

For a no obligation initial discussion by telephone about your case please telephone us to discuss your claim on 01685 885500.