Cohabitee Separation

The picture of a traditional family life has changed dramatically over time and it is becoming increasingly common for people to cohabit for a number of years without getting married. However separation after such a relationship can be as difficult and stressful as a divorce with joint assets to consider as well as the arrangements for the children.

From a financial perspective, the law relating to the separation of unmarried couples is very different to that of married couples as the law has not caught up with modern day living. At present property law governs how the assets of an unmarried couple should be divided so it essential to obtain legal advice as to your rights upon separation. There can often be disputes in relation to properties held in the sole name of one party or even disputes as to how equity should be divided when a property is owned jointly.

Any agreements reached as to how financial issues should to be dealt with can be formally recorded in a Separation Deed or Agreement, which our skilled team of qualified solicitors can draft for you.

However if an agreement cannot be reached, our team of solicitors are qualified and experienced in both property law as well as family law, enabling us to provide a rounded and holistic approach to your advice. Where necessary we will make an application to the court for an Order for Sale or for a Declaratory Order as to how any equity should be divided and will provide advice and support throughout the process.

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